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Robot Video Request (In-Makeup)

Robot Video Request (In-Makeup)

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Robot video requests have ended for 2023.
Check back at the end of 2024 when we'll open them up again!

Perfect for the winter holidays, future birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, tax audits, or most occasions! You can even just get one for yourself!

You can ask the robots to sing a part of one of the band's songs, say something specific to your recipient, or maybe you just want to ask one of the robots a question and get a reply from them!

Take a look at some examples from previous years in this compilation sample video!

  • Band members WILL be in their robot makeup for these videos and in-character. Videos will be 1.5-3 minutes long and in portrait-style for individual robot requests, and landscape for the 3 robots together.
  • These video requests will be delivered by December 22, 2023. Please plan accordingly and allow for that delivery timeframe. When your request is completed you will be sent an email with a link to your video. You can share this link with the recipient directly or download the video and send it as you see fit.
  • All video request sales are final once delivered. Instructions are limited to 250 characters, so keep requests simple. The robots may adjust your request if they don't feel comfortable with parts of it. Mispronunciations of names can happen, even with phonetic spellings. Thank you for understanding!
  • No marriage proposal, business or collaboration requests please. We may decline and refund a request at our discretion.
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