Personalized Video Shoutouts

Personalized Video Shoutouts

Looking for a unique one-of-a-kind gift for a Steam Powered Giraffe fan?

Then book a personalized video shoutout from the band members over on Cameo!

Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, tax audits, or most occasions!

You can even just get one for yourself! You can ask them to sing you a part of one of the band's song, say something in one of their robot voices, or maybe you just want to ask one of the band members a question and get a reply from them!

Visit Isabella Bunny Bennett's
Cameo Booking Page

Visit David Michael Bennett's
Cameo Booking Page
(The Spine)


Visit Sam Luke's
Cameo Booking Page
(Former band member - Hatchworth)

Visit Chelsea Penyak's
Cameo Booking Page
(Walter Worker/Dancer)

Note: Currently only Chelsea Penyak, Sam Luke, David Bennett, and Isabella Bennett from the band offer personalized videos on More members may join in the future. Due to logistics and scheduling we do not offer video requests featuring multiple band members in the same video, but feel free to book multiple video requests separately for each band member.

Robot performers will be unable to be in makeup for videos, but they are more than happy to sing parts from songs, do character voices, and other special requests (at their discretion). No business or collaboration requests please. Check each member's Cameo booking page for more info.