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The Vice Quadrant (2015)

The Vice Quadrant (2015)

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CD or Digital?

Check out the Vice Quadrant Companion Timeline on the band's website!
A timeline made by the band that helps tell the story of The Vice Quadrant along with the album!

You can also get the digital album from
iTunes, bandcamp, and many other digital distributors and streaming services.


Steam Powered Giraffe's space opera album!

Join the robots on a cosmic adventure as they journey into space with this two hour long 2-disc space opera featuring new age, rock, pop, and folk genres, all on 28 tracks! 

The Vice Quadrant CD comes in a fantastic art enlaced digipak, which unfolds twice with an attached 32-page lyric booklet!

The Digital Version allows you to download the entire album anytime directly from our website. You can download the album as either a ZIP file with all files compressed inside, or you may download the album's files individually. Each album track is delivered as a 320kpbs MP3 file. A PDF of the 32-page booklet found in the CD version is also included, as well as a JPG file of the cover art.

Track list:


1. The Vice Does Tight
2. On a Crescendo
3. Steam Junk
4. Starburner
5. Progress and Technology
6. W.i.n.k. The Satellite
7. Burning in the Stratosphere
8. Fire Fire
9. Sky Sharks (feat. Prof. Elemental)
10. Daughter of Space
11. Star Valley Night
12. Commander Cosmo
13. Where is everyone?
14. GG The Giraffe

1. The Pulls
2. Soliton
3. Where I Left You
4. Over The Moon
5. It’s Cosmic
6. Hold Me
7. The Speed of Light
8. Rav to the Rescue
9. Starlight Star-shine
10. The Space Giant
11. Oh No
12. Necrostar
13. Super Space Blaster
Centi-Asteroid Invaderpedes 2
14. Whale Song

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