Steam Powered Giraffe: 10 Year Anniversary Show Digital Concert Ticket (2018)

Steam Powered Giraffe: 10 Year Anniversary Show Digital Concert Ticket (2018)

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The show is sold out, you live too far away, but you want to see the newest Steam Powered Giraffe concert! Have no fear, Steam Powered Giraffe Digital Concert Tickets are here!

This Digital Concert Ticket lets you watch Steam Powered Giraffe's 10 Year Anniversary Show online at your convenience, indefinitely, an unlimited amount of times!

Your Digital Concert Ticket purchase supports the band and its members past and present, helps us pay for putting the digital ticket video together and shows your enthusiastic support for the robots (and humans)!

This Digital Concert Ticket also comes with access to a special behind-the-scenes video featuring clips from rehearsals with the band and a digital show poster and desktop wallpaper!


  • Unlimited access to an online video of the concert
    (2 hours 10 minutes long)
  • Video clips from rehearsals for the show
    (1 hour 4 minutes long)
  • High Quality PDF File of the Show Poster
  • 10 Year Anniversary Computer Desktop Wallpaper

With this concert the band celebrated their 10 year anniversary on January 27th 2018 and was joined on stage by various past band members!

Appearances by:

Rabbit (Isabella Bennett)
The Spine (David Bennett)
Zero (Bryan Barbarin)
Hatchworth (Sam Luke)
The Jon (Jonathan Sprague)
Upgrade (Erin Burke)
Mr. Reed (Michael Reed)
Walter Workers (Chelsea and Camille Penyak)
Steve Negrete
Matthew Elton Smith
and G.G. The Giraffe

Featuring the songs:

Steam Powered Giraffe
I’ll Rust With You
Fancy Shoes
Lying Awake
Ju Ju Magic
Make Believe
Me and My Baby (Saturday Nights)
Hold Me
Clockwork Vaudeville
Brass Goggles

More than just a band, Steam Powered Giraffe is a musical act that combines robot pantomime, puppetry, ballet, comedy, projections, and music for an experience unlike anything you’ve seen before!

NOTE: Videos are watchable on desktop computers and most mobile devices through our online store. If the advertisement video above plays for you on your device, the concert and behind-the-scenes videos will work too. An internet connection is required to watch these videos. Downloading the videos is not available.

Concert video specs:
1920 x 1080 @ 30fps

Behind-the-scenes video:
1920 x 1080 @ 30fps
(some footage is at 60fps, if playing back at 720p or higher)

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