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Nylon Drawstring Backpack

Nylon Drawstring Backpack

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These durable and lightweight nylon drawstring backpacks have enough space inside them to carry books, gym clothes, wallets, phone, diarrhea medication, slices of grangran's fruit cake.

To withstand daily usage, black simulated leather reinforcement at the corners provides support for carrying a balanced weight on your shoulders. The adjustable strings will keep the belongings inside organized and secured.

Best of all, our band logo is slapped right on the backpack with high-quality silk screened red, white, and metallic silver colors, so you can be free advertisement for the band wherever you go let everyone know you like Steam Powered Giraffe!

Get one of these affordable on-the-go backpack for running errands! You can shove all your other Steam Powered Giraffe crap in them too and run errands without having to leave your Steam Powered Giraffe merchandise behind!

210D Nylon

12.75 inches width x 18" inches height
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