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G.G. The Giraffe - Collectible Figurine

G.G. The Giraffe - Collectible Figurine

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Get your very own Steam Powered Giraffe figurine! This is not just any giraffe though! It's the bestest most perfectest robot giraffe there is (or so she tells us), G.G. The Giraffe!

The G.G. The Giraffe Collectible Figurine stands about 6 inches tall and is made of PVC. She's painted a nice shade of grey, features a blue tongue, an unmovable but adorable pose, and is sure to be the talk of your collectable case (but we promise she won't talk, she's made of plastic).

Note 1: This figurine DOES NOT have moveable parts. The legs and some other parts are slightly malleable so they are more break resistant, BUT they are not moveable, and due to the very small attachment points the legs in particular could come off if forced to move. If this happens, you should be able to attach a leg back onto its connection point with superglue. 

Note 2: This product is a collectible figurine and is not recommended for children under 12. It has NOT been certified with a Children’s Product Certificate. Product has sharp edges and parts that could potentially break off and as such is not safe for toddlers or children to chew on.

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