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Live From Walter Manor - Acoustic Livestream Concert (2023)

Live From Walter Manor - Acoustic Livestream Concert (2023)

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Note: VIP Tickets and the VIP After-Party stream are exclusive to tickets purchased before the concert date and are no longer available.

Steam Powered Giraffe's very first ticketed acoustic livestream concert that streamed Saturday, November 11, 2023!

The songs played during this show are:
Clockwork Vaudeville
Lyin' Awake
Hot on the Trail
Shattered Stars

Note: If you already purchased one of the $10 tickets and would like to upgrade to another ticket, use the code: 7YK3RVQGHMA6 while logged into your account, add the ticket you want to upgrade to, and a discount of $10 USD will apply at checkout.

All ticket option descriptions:
  • Video $10
    • Unlimited viewings of the video online
  • Video Download $10
    • Download a video of the concert for offline viewing
    • Video & Album Download $25
      • Unlimited viewings of the video online
      • Download a video of the concert for offline viewing
      • Download a live audio album of the concert
    • Watch Party $30
      • Unlimited viewings of the video online
      • A slightly higher price ticket for watch parties!
        • Go in on this ticket with your friends/family and save some money while still supporting the band!
    • VIP Ticket $80
      • Access to concert video & all downloads
      • Watch an out-of-makeup rehearsal video of the show
      • Access to the VIP After-Party Video
        • A separate video of a livestream that followed right after the concert where the band broke character, interacted with the live chat, played some random impromptu tunes, and goofed around for an hour. 
    • VIP Watch Party Ticket $100
      • Access to everything in the VIP Ticket, but at a higher price for watch parties to support the band!

    Are you a Steam Powered Giraffe Patreon Patron?
    We've got special rewards for you for this show!

    • $10 Patreon Patrons get access to the rehearsal video for this show!
    • $20 Patreon Patrons get access to the rehearsal, concert, live album download, & can watch all past concert livestreams!
    • $100 Patreon Patrons get access to all the above, plus the VIP After-Party video!

    Become a Patreon Patron:

    Note on video playback: After purchase you can access the video by visiting the "My Digital Content" section of your account page. The video is watchable on desktop computers and most mobile devices through our online store. An internet connection is required to watch these videos. If you would like to watch the video offline, you will need to purchase either the "Video Download Ticket", "Video & Audio Download Ticket" or a "VIP Ticket" to get access to the downloadable files.

    Note on downloadable live album: The live album will be MP3 tracks of the livestream audio in a ZIP file and will be available for download by November 18th 2023.

    Concert video specs:
    1920 x 1080 @ 24fps
    (no closed captions or subtitles)
    Downloadable version is in MP4 format and 2.2 GB

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