Vinyl Record - The 2¢ Show [Pre-Order]
Vinyl Record - The 2¢ Show [Pre-Order]

Vinyl Record - The 2¢ Show [Pre-Order]

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This item is for a pre-order product that will ship at a future date. Product is estimated to ship in September 2019. Manufactured quantities will be limited and are based on initial pre-order sales.

Note: Vinyl records ship separately from other items and you will be charged separately for their shipping. Your final cart shipping total will reflect this.

One of Steam Powered Giraffe's most popular albums available as a vinyl record for the first time!

Our fans have been asking us to put more of our albums on vinyls after we first tried it with our Music From SteamWorld Heist album, and we are going to do just that with our popular 2-Cent Show album!

This album will come as a double LP in a gatefold jacket. That's two records in a snazzy packaging that folds open once to show off four sides of beautiful front and back album art, alongside art of every single song on the album on the two inside panels!

*We are also offering the option to purchase autographed copies of this vinyl release, signed by Rabbit (Isabella Bennett), The Spine (David Bennett), and Michael Reed!

As an added bonus each vinyl record comes with a free digital copy of the album (that you can listen to right away) and a digital copy of the album's CD art booklet, just in case you don't already have it.


  • What's the size, format, speed, and weight of this vinyl release?
  • Two standard 150g weight 12" orange/gold transparent colored vinyl records with standard 1/4" center holes at 33 1/3 RPM. Full color labels on both sides of each disc. Gatefold jacket is printed on 20pt white boards with a matte finish and a plain white inner sleeve. The transparent colored records allow for some light to pass through it, which look fantastic.

  • When will this vinyl release ship?
  • We started manufacturing around early April. Vinyl records take a long time to manufacture with test pressing and such. With estimates from our first vinyl record, "Music From SteamWorld Heist", we are aiming for September 2019 at the latest. We'll send out one or two emails to all folks who pre-order updating them all on how the manufacturing is going at various milestones, so everyone can sleep soundly. If the manufacturing will be delayed a bit, we definitely contact all pre-order folks to let them know, but so far we are on schedule.

  • Is the art booklet found in the CD version included with this vinyl release?
  • Art done for each and every song on this album found in the art booklet included with the CD version will be arranged on the inside panels of this vinyl release's gatefold jacket, which we think will look snazzy. We are also including a digital copy of The Two Cent Show art booklet with all pre-orders, alongside a digital copy of the music album.

  • *Whose signatures will be on the autographed copies?
  • The autographed copies of this vinyl release will have the autographs of Rabbit (Isabella Bennett), The Spine (David Bennett), and Michael Reed on them. Logistically we can not make it work to get autograph from past band members like Jon Sprague (The Jon). As always, royalties from sales of this or any album as CDs, digital releases, or vinyls go directly to the artists who worked on each album, past and present.

  • If you're looking to purchase the CD or digital version of this album, please click here

  • The Digital Version of the album that comes with the vinyl allows you to download the entire album anytime directly from our website. You can download the album as either a ZIP file with all files compressed inside, or you may download the album's files individually. Each album track is delivered as a 320kpbs MP3 file. A JPG file of the cover art is also included.

  • Album Info

    2012 brought the highly anticipated release of “The 2¢ Show,” Steam Powered Giraffe's second studio album. The 2¢ Show gives listeners a one-way ticket with the robots on-the-road through an antique America that is filled with both magic and mystery. Join Rabbit, The Spine, and The Jon as they travel to romanticized echoes of various eras. Eras such as the wild and weird west, where Jackalopes yodeled alongside singing cowboys and Giant Rattlesnakes were king. Aboard an enchanted steamboat, they head deep into a mystical south, finding Bog Spirits who boogie to twisted Zydeco tunes. From a decaying past, dieselpunk fables and crooning records melt with electric folk pop and psychedelic radiation to create the unique, yet timeless sound Steam Powered Giraffe makes.

  • Track list:

    1. Steamboat Shenanigans
    2. One-Way Ticket
    3. Ju Ju Magic
    4. Me & My Baby (Saturday Nights)
    5. Little Birdie
    6. Rex Marksley
    7. Automatonic Electronic Harmonics
    8. Prelude To A Dream
    9. Make Believe
    10. Honeybee
    11. Scary World
    12. The Suspender Man
    13. That'll Be The Way Home
    14. The Ballad of Lily
    15. Airheart
    16. Circuitry

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