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1896 Album Completer

1896 Album Completer

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Note: This product is NOT the full 1896 album and is an offering for customers who purchased this album's individual singles who want to save a little bit of money by just "completing" their album instead of purchasing the full album.

It includes all acoustic tracks featured on the full album's second disc alongside the rest of the studio tracks from the first disc that were not released as singles (except for Olly and the Equinox Band. That one is included since it was released on the album's release day). It also includes the full album's digital art and lyric booklet as a PDF, the album cover art, an alternate album cover art, and all of the singles' art covers.

Please check the track listing below to make sure this release will complete your album based on the singles you've already purchased.

You can purchase the full album here.

"Completer" Tracks included:

  • Overture (Studio Version)
  • Olly and The Equinox Band (Studio Version)
  • What’s in a Name (Studio Version)
  • Laying Down in Your Arms (Studio Version)
  • Overture (Acoustic)
  • Shattered Stars (Acoustic)
  • Eat Your Heart (Acoustic)
  • Bad Days on the Horizon (Acoustic)
  • Intertwined (Acoustic)
  • Latum Alterum (Ya Ya Ya) [Acoustic]
  • Hot on the Trail (Acoustic)
  • Lyin’ Awake (Acoustic)
  • Transform (Acoustic)
  • Olly and The Equinox Band (Acoustic)
Tracks NOT included:
  • Shattered Stars (Studio Version)
  • Eat Your Heart (Studio Version)
  • Bad Days on the Horizon (Studio Version)
  • Intertwined (Studio Version)
  • Latum Alterum (Ya Ya Ya) [Studio Version]
  • Hot on the Trail (Studio Version)
  • Lyin’ Awake (Studio Version)
  • Transform (Studio Version)
If you are missing any of the tracks listed under "NOT included" in your personal collection, we suggest you purchase the full digital album here. Besides the album's singles, we do not offer the album's individual tracks for purchase separately on our store. Purchasing the full album also may be cheaper than purchasing the missing individual tracks from iTunes, bandcamp, etc.

This Digital Version
of this album will allow you to download the entire "completer" album anytime directly from our website. You are able to download the entire album as either a ZIP file with all files compressed inside, or you may download the album's files individually. Each album track will be delivered as a 320kpbs MP3 file. A PDF of the lyric and art booklet found in the full album version will also be included, as well as a JPG file of the cover art.
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