Video Request

Video Request

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Note: Currently only David Michael Bennett (The Spine) offers video requests through our store.

Allow 7 days for delivery

Please phonetically spell names in the name fields. ie: Bryan (Buh-rye-an)

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Looking for a unique one-of-a-kind gift for a Steam Powered Giraffe fan?

Then book a personalized video request from one of the band members!

Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, tax audits, or most occasions! You can even just get one for yourself!

You can ask a band member to sing a part of one of the band's songs, say something in one of their robot voices, or maybe you just want to ask one of the band members a question and get a reply from them!

Please plan accordingly and allow 7 days for your video to be sent to you. We are unable to get requests done by a requested date. When your request is completed you will be sent an email with a link to your video. You can share this link with the recipient directly or download the video and send it as you see fit.

All video request sales are final once delivered.

Band members will be unable to be in robot makeup for videos, but they are more than happy to sing parts from songs, do character voices, and other special requests (at their discretion).

Mispronunciations of names can happen, even with phonetic spellings, we hope you understand.

No marriage proposal, business, collaboration, or major life announcement requests please. We may decline and refund a request if we feel uncomfortable fulfilling it. Email us at if you would like to double-check if a request is doable by the band.

Due to logistics and scheduling we do not offer video requests featuring multiple band members in the same video.

Some band members also are setup on!
You can get personalizes video request over there too by checking out the band member's individual Cameo Booking Pages!


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