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Decoder Ring

Decoder Ring

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Already have a decoder ring and need the reference chart?
Grab the chart and font by clicking here!

This light-up decoder ring comes in either blue or red and features a one-size-fits-most open ring band, the decoder chart printed in black ink, & a button that toggles between 2 Walter Robotics patented illumination decoder-modes;
Annoying Blink AND Steady Glow. Both are certain to give away your position to all people around you during night-time decoder club missions!

That's not all! Each purchase of a Steam Powered Giraffe "Decoder Ring Club” Decoder Ring comes with a digital download of a large image of the decoder chart for ease-of-decoding when you lose your ring, an image of a secret decoder club message for you to decode AND the official decoder ring TrueType font! That’s right, you’ll be able to make your own decoder ring message images with the official font.

What FUN! You’re sure to have MINUTES of enjoyment with your new Steam Powered Giraffe “Decoder Ring Club” Decoder Ring and Official Genuine Decoder Ring Digital Accessories (the font and images)!

Note on product images: Images of ring on this product page have been blurred to not spoil the decoder ring code.

Note on batteries: The decoder ring's batteries should last a good long while, but if they do die they can be replaced. However we caution purchasers that the rings are glued shut and can be difficult to open. Even though we haven't damaged one ourselves when changing the batteries, we are still warning customers that it could happen and we can't be responsible for a broken ring. Instructions on changing the batteries are included in the digital file downloads.

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