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Latum Alterum (Ya Ya Ya) (2019)

Latum Alterum (Ya Ya Ya) (2019)

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This single is from the band's upcoming album "1896".
You can pre-order the album by clicking here.

You can also get the single digitally from
iTunes, bandcamp, and many other digital distributors and streaming services.

Steam Powered Giraffe's song Latum Alterum (Ya Ya Ya)!

Take a listen to it on the robot's music video for the song here

The band is making a new album and trying something new by releasing it in waves with double singles every few months! This is the 2nd song of the 1st wave, and it will be featured in the future album with all the other future singles, plus a few non-single songs! Not only that, the album will ALSO feature acoustic versions of every track! Incentive for those that only like albums, those who want to double-dip with the singles and the album, and those who just can’t wait to grow their Steam Powered Giraffe playlist!

This Digital Version allows you to download the song anytime directly from our website. The song is delivered as a 320kpbs MP3 file. A JPG file of the cover art is also included. If you would like a different file format other than MP3, please consider purchasing the song on bandcamp, where you can pick from several file types.
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