December 2022 Test Livestream Concert
December 2022 Test Livestream Concert
December 2022 Test Livestream Concert
December 2022 Test Livestream Concert

December 2022 Test Livestream Concert

Regular price $ 15.00
Please do not purchase, unless you are a Patreon Patron and using a code from the band to help test things out. Thanks!

Steam Powered Giraffe is doing a livestream concert on
??? ??? 21st at 3pm PT!

Watch from the comfort of your home!
There are even VIP Tickets available!

Purchase option descriptions:
  • Livestream Ticket - $15
    • Access to the concert as it streams live and the livestream chatroom
    • Unlimited viewings of the archived concert video on our online store (no download)
    • Livestream Ticket + Video & Live Album Download $35
      • Access to the above plus...
      • A video download of the concert
      • A download of a live album of the concert in MP3 format
    • VIP Ticket $100
      • Access to all of the above (including the downloads) plus...
      • Access to the VIP After-Party Livestream
        • A separate livestream that follows right after the concert where the band breaks character, interacts with the live chat, plays some random impromptu tunes, and goofs around for an additional hour
    • Watch Party Ticket $50
      • Access to the concert livestream and it's archived video (no download), but at a slightly higher price for watch parties! Go in on a this ticket with your friends/family and save some money while still supporting the band!
        We encourage only up to 5 people per watch party pretty please

      Not going to be able to watch the livestream live? No worries, simply purchase a $15 livestream ticket, and you can watch the archived livestream after it premieres at your connivence.

      $20 Patreon Patrons get access to this livestream included with their pledge!
      $50 Patreon Patrons get access to this livestream & all downloads!
      $100 Patreon Patrons get access to this livestream & downloads, plus the VIP After-Party!

      Note on watch party tickets: We are offering these to hopefully make our livestream concerts a bit more affordable for those of you who are tight on funds. Split the cost with up to 5 other people and save some money! If your watch party is remote and not in the same room together, please keep in mind that this ticket is tied to only one account and you will need to share your login details with the others.
      If you're worried about sharing your login details: Make a separate account for just the watch party or checkout without an account and you'll be sent just a link to the livestream instead.

      Note on livestream & archived videos: The livestream and archived videos are watchable on desktop computers and most mobile devices through our online store. An internet connection is required to watch these videos. The archived non-downloadable video of the concert will be available to watch a few hours after it premieres live.

      Note on downloadable videos and live album: The video download of the concert will be in MP4 format. The live album will be MP3 tracks in a ZIP file. Both will be available for download within a week after the livestream concert premieres.

      Concert video specs:
      1920 x 1080 @ 24fps
      (no closed captions or subtitles)

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