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Live at Walter Robotics Expo 2013 Film (2014)

Live at Walter Robotics Expo 2013 Film (2014)

This film is only available in digital format.

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Take home the singing robots!
Experience Steam Powered Giraffe Summer of 2013 in this wonderful snapshot of our live show taken in San Diego at Walter Robotics Expo 2013!
Join Hatchworth, The Spine, and Rabbit LIVE with special appearance by GG The Giraffe and BeeBop!
Filled with tons of your favorite songs from Album One, 2-Cent Show, and MK III, this feature is the perfect addition to your SPG collection!

Featuring the songs:

"The Suspender Man"
"Steamboat Shenanigans"
"Hatch Fever"
"Rex Marksley"
"Make Believe"
"Please Explain"
"Automatonic Electronic Harmonics"
"Brass Goggles"
"Fire Fire"

Audio album of this concert is also available by clicking here.

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